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Myre II - Scout

He seeks you out, then watches you burn.
This is one of three completed, brand new concepts for the second part of my graphic novel, "Myre". This time, it's going to become more rocky than before.

They barely get to see the top of their homes, given that their task is to explore and spot any new opportunities of which the Dwellers can profit from. These scouts forbode trouble. With mounts nearly three times the size and faster than Varug, they can go through every terrain and spot out places from far away. Equipped with various tools, scouts live on the ground and outside exclusively. These weather-beaten guys never surcease their targets and will make sure that every last crumb of your home gets taken.

Myre and Haunter of Dreams will be available through my store on November 1 on:
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MYRE 2 Concept

MYRE 2 Concept